Most common business terms AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi

25 Most Commonly Used Business Terms by Best Business Studies Tuition

“In our everyday lives, we encounter numerous business terms—some we grasp easily, while others remain a puzzle. If you’re a student, you might also stumble upon some confusing terms in your coursework.

With best Business Studies tuition Let’s dive into some of the most frequently used business studies terms together!”

Most common business terms AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi

Get ready for an engaging journey with the best Business Studies Tuition in Delhi through this blog by AOL Business Studies because by the time you reach the end, you’ll have all your most pressing questions about frequently used business terms completely resolved. It’s going to be an enlightening experience!” This blog objectives to shed light on 25 essential terms from research, drawing from each Class 11 and Class 12 syllabuses. These terms, beginning from entrepreneurship to intellectual assets, encapsulate the essence of realistic company acumen. Join us as we resolve those standards, bridging the gap between study room getting to know and actual-global application, in only a handful of succinct lines.


The method of figuring out, developing, and handling a business venture, taking financial risks with the intention of making an income.

entrepreneurship AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi CLASS 11

Example: Jane, a class 12 BST students combined her passion for baking and competencies discovered in class to start a small online bakery, offering unique cakes that quickly received reputation amongst her peers & he started earnings a profit by selling it.

2.Market Research:

The method of amassing and analyzing information about clients, competitors, and the marketplace to make knowledgeable commercial enterprise choices. 

market research AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi gurgaon

Example: Using insights from her CBSE Business Studies Class 12 syllabus, Sameer released an app that connects neighborhood artisans with customers seeking out hand-crafted crafts, filling an opening he identified through cautious market research.

3.Business Plan:

A comprehensive record outlining the desires, strategies and economic projections of an enterprise. 

business plan AOL Business Studies CLASS 12 Best BST Tuition delhi

Example: Drawing suggestions from her favored cafe, Savya crafted an in-depth business plan for her dream bookstore, outlining strategies to cater to distinct reader possibilities at the same time as incorporating cost-effective measures.

4.Budgeting :

Creating an economic plan that outlines predicted sales and expenses to adjust spending and reap financial desires.  

budgeting AOL Business Studies CLASS 12 Best BST Tuition in delhi

Example: The 12 Business Studies syllabus gives useful insights to make use of budgeting techniques to ensure a successful event without overspending, this leads to optimum utilization of resources. Such concepts are explained with a lot of clarity & examples at Best Business studies Tuition in Delhi_Art of Learnings by experienced teacher, Mr. Vivek Sir.

5.Marketing Mix:

The combination of Product, Price, Promotion, and Place techniques used to market a service or product. 

marketing mix AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi Vivek sir

Example: Jehan and his team put their mixed advertising information into action by way of rebranding their school’s commercial enterprise studies club, growing attractive content material and organizing industry talks to attract extra members.

6. E-commerce:

The shopping for and promoting of products and offerings over the net.

e commerce AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi CLASS 11

Example: Amazon, an online marketplace where customers can purchase a wide range of products, from books and electronics to clothing and groceries, through their website or mobile app. Customers can browse, order, and pay for items online, and these goods are then delivered to their doorstep, showcasing the convenience and accessibility of e-commerce.

7.Human Resource Management:

The procedure of recruiting, hiring, schooling, and coping with personnel inside a business. 

human resource management AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi CLASS 12

Example: Applying concepts from CBSE Class 12 Business Studies, the brand-new supervisor advanced team productivity by using better communication practices and skillful delegation.

8.Profitability :

Profitability is like a report card for a business. It shows how well a company is doing at making money. If a company earns more money than it spends on expenses, it’s profitable. But if it spends more than it earns, it’s not profitable. Profitability helps a business measure its success and plan for the future.

profitability AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi Paschim vihar

Example: A bakery earns 5000 selling cakes but spends 4000 on ingredients and labor. Their profitability is 1000 , indicating a successful business.

9. Labelling:

It is the process of adding essential information or tags on products, providing details like ingredients, usage instructions, and branding for consumer awareness, compliance, and product identification

Labelling AOL Business studies by Art of learnings Vivek Sir best Business studies teacher

Example: On a cereal box label, you might find ingredients (wheat, sugar), nutritional facts (calories, vitamins), and usage instructions (add milk, store in a cool, dry place). These labels inform consumers about the product’s content, nutritional value, and proper usage.

10.Demand Forecasting:

Estimating destiny customer call for a products or services to manual production and stock decision.

demand forecasting AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi CLASS 11

Example: Using demand forecasting capabilities learnt from business studies class 12, the electronics shop keep approximate quantity as per demand for gaming consoles, ensuring that they had sufficient inventory to satisfy excursion season sales.

11.Consumer Behavior:

The look at the way individuals and groups makes choices to fulfill their needs and wants. 

consumer behaviour AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi NCERT CBSE

Example: For instance, if someone regularly chooses organic products over conventional ones due to health concerns and environmental values, that’s a reflection of their consumer behavior. Understanding these patterns helps businesses tailor their products and marketing strategies.

12.Organizational Structure:

The arrangements of roles, duties, and relationships with an enterprise. 

organizational structure AOL Business Studies Best BST Tuition delhi vivek sir

Example: Inspired by using principles from CBSE Class 12 Business Studies, the startup embraced a flat organizational shape, encouraging innovation and rapid decision-making amongst crew members.

13.Market Share:

The percent of total marketplace income a employer holds. 

Example: Utilizing their expertise from business Studies Class 12, the advertising team assessed that their enterprise’s 30% marketplace share indicated a strong function within the enterprise, bolstering their competitive approach.

14.Fundamentals of Management:

It includes Nature and scope of Management. 

Example: Understanding the character and scope of control, the commercial enterprise research class 12 students diagnosed that the core ideas of Authority, Organizing, and Control form powerful management practices.

15. Functions of Management:

The functions of management are a set of fundamental activities that are essential for effective management and achieving organizational goals.  Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing & Controlling are Functions of management.

Example: Building upon the functions of management, a Steel Company planned its operation and expertise , organized its process and hired right people on right positions . Moreover set clear instructions through Directing and controlled the whole result procedure through Controlling.

16.Leadership Styles:

Different techniques that leaders adopt to manual and motivate their team.

Example: Applying training from their BST Class 12 research, the management team followed a transformational leadership style, inspiring their employees to include innovation and personal growth.

17.Business Ethics:

The standards and values that manual enterprise conduct and choice making. 

Example: Rooted of their NCERT curriculums, the company adhered to a strong moral code, making sure transparent communication and fair remedy of both employees and clients. AOL Business Studies focuses on this concept a lot to ensure the long term personal growth of their Students.

18.Risk Management:

The system of figuring out, assessing, and mitigating capacity dangers that might impact a business enterprise’s objectives. 

Example: Equipped with threat control know-how from their CBSE Class 12 Business Studies, the organization proactively addressed ability deliver chain disruptions by diversifying providers and developing contingency plans.

19.Market Segmentation:

The manner of dividing a market into wonderful companies primarily based on traits or behavior. 

Example: Drawing insights from CBSE Business Studies, the cosmetics brand centered specific market segments by tailoring their product lines to cater to specific age groups, improving purchaser pride.

20.Debt Financing:

Raising funds for a commercial enterprise through loans or bonds.

Example: Utilizing standards discovered in the bst 12 cbse,a startup owner determined to pursue debt financing by securing a time mortgage, permitting them to amplify operations and put money into research and improvement.


Creating a completely unique call, emblem, and identity to distinguish a service or product from competition. 

Example: Art of Learnings is the Best business studies tuition in Delhi and have an outstanding Branding with a unique LOGO , Colour Scheme followed through graphics & creative tagline .

22.Product Life Cycle:

The stages a product is going through, along with advent, boom, adulthood, and decline. 

Example: In CBSE Class 12 Business Studies project, the students analyzed the ranges of a phone’s product life cycle, information how every segment impact advertising, pricing, and method.

23.SWOT Analysis :

A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool used by businesses to identify and evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It helps in assessing the current position of a business or a project, enabling informed decision-making and strategy development.

Example: A company’s SWOT analysis highlighted its skilled workforce and stellar reputation (Strengths), yet revealed concerns about higher costs and dependency on a few clients (Weaknesses). Identified opportunities included niche product demand and global expansion, while threats encompassed increased competition and technological advancements.


The possession interest in an organization, representing the residual cost after liabilities are deducted from belongings. 

Example: Applying their understanding from CBSE class 12 syllabus, the entrepreneurs calculated their organization’s equity by means of subtracting their liabilities from their overall belongings, figuring out the price that belongs to the stakeholders.

25.Intellectual Property:

Legal rights defensive inventions, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. 

Example: The software program organization safeguarded its modern code using copyright protection, demonstrating their know-how of intellectual assets rights won from their CBSE business Class 12 curriculum.


Exploration of realistic enterprise studies phrases exhibits the dynamic intersection between school room theories and actual-international programs. The journey from entrepreneurship to assets showcases how those principles are not mere textbook knowledge, however alternatively the riding pressure at the back of modern ventures and strategic selection-making. As destiny entrepreneurs and experts, knowledge of those fundamentals equips us to navigate the complexities of the commercial enterprise realm with self-assurance.


By bridging the space between idea and exercise, we embody the real essence of business studies. AOL Business Studies Course by Best Business Studies Tuition in Delhi aims to prepare students for Long Run Success in Career. Vivek Sir focuses on Holistic and Skill development of Students that help them become Leaders of Tomorrow. The Growth oriented & motivational environment at AOL Business Studies Classes is much more than just a Class.  Join AOL Business Studies Course to transform your overall Learning Journey and Raise it to 100.

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