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Social Studies Syllabus Class 10 – Art of Learnings SST

Are you a students in Class 10, Preparing for Success in Board Exams? 

Art of Learnings ( AOL), the best business studies coaching in Delhi class 10, is here to help you with the first step of your preparation- Know What you have to study?

Social studies syllabus class 10 best Social Studies coaching in Delhi Art of Learnings AOL Social studies Paschim vihar

SST Class 10 isn’t just another subject on your academic journey; it’s a fascinating gateway that invites you to embark on an exciting exploration. Preparing for the 10th grade examination, SST is one the most Scoring Subjects that can elevate your overall performance & score. In social studies syllabus class 10, You’ll uncover the hidden stories behind historical events, unravel the mysteries of geographical concepts, decode the workings of political systems, dive into the depths of economic theories, and dissect the intricacies of societal structures.

Familiarizing yourself with the Class 10 syllabus is your first step toward Success in this Subject. Understanding what’s in the Social studies syllabus class 10 is crucial to excel in this comprehensive subject. Here, AOL, the best SST coaching in Delhi, is presenting a glimpse of it. Let’s embark on this learning adventure together! ” 


History Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings Vivek sir Gurgaon

1.   The Rise of Nationalism in Europe:

The Rise of Nationalism in Europe Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

The very 1st topic in the History of Social Studies syllabus class 10 is The Rise of Nationalism in Europe. In the 19th century, Europe started to feel proud of their country. However, as time passed, more and more people wanted their countries to be free and independent, follow their traditions, and make their own rules. This shift in thinking played a significant role in the history and politics of Europe.

2. Nationalism in India:

Nationalism in India Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

The inspiring struggles of India for self-determination, unity, and freedom from colonial rule play a crucial role in Social Studies syllabus class 10. This is one of the most interesting chapters where you learn about the different ideological movements within Indian nationalism, including non-violence (Satyagraha) and civil disobedience, as well as their effectiveness.

3. The Making of a Global World:

The making of a global world Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

This topic plays an essential role in the history curriculum of SST class 10. This theme delves into the processes and factors that contributed to the global interconnectedness and integration of economies, cultures, and societies during the modern era. Only some part of this topic is part of your syllabus.

4. Print Culture & the Modern Word:

PRINT CULTURE AND THE MODERN WORLD Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

In the past, before we had printers, books and documents were written by hand, which was slow and expensive. Then, with the invention of the printing press, books and papers could be produced much more quickly and in larger quantities. This made it easier for people to access and share information. It helped spread knowledge, ideas, and stories faster and to more people. It played an important role in shaping the modern world by making information more available and contributing to the spread of education.


Geography Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings vivek sir paschim vihar

5. Resources and Development:

Resources and Development Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

The section on geography in the Social studies syllabus class 10 covers the various types of resources our planet offers, their distribution, utilization, and the need for sustainable management.

6. Forest and Wildlife Resources:

Forest and wildlife resources Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings paschim vihar

This chapter delves into the importance of forests and wildlife, their conservation, and the sustainable management of these vital resources. It serves as a crucial foundation for you to appreciate the importance of these resources, understand the threats they face, and recognize the need for conservation efforts in the modern world. It equips students with knowledge and values to become responsible towards the environment.

7. Water Resources:

Water Resources Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings AOL Lajpat nagar

The following chapter explains the significance of water as a critical natural resource, distribution, utilization, challenges, and conservation.

8. Agriculture:

Agriculture Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings ashok vihar

“Agriculture” is a fundamental and extensive topic that deep dives into the significance of agriculture as a primary economic activity, its various forms, challenges, and its role in food security & rural livelihoods.

9. Minerals & Energy Resources:

Minerals and Energy resources Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

“Minerals & Energy Resources” is a lesson about valuable things that come from the Earth.

Minerals: These are like the Earth’s treasures. They include things like gold, iron, and diamonds. We dig them out of the ground and use them for making jewelry, buildings, and many other things.

Energy Resources: These things give us power, like coal, oil, and sunlight. We use them to make electricity, run cars, and heat our homes.

10. Manufacturing Industries:

Manufacturing Industries Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

Manufacturing industries are places where things are made in significant buildings called factories. Workers and machines work together to turn raw materials like metal and plastic into finished products like cars and toys. These industries are important because they make the things we use daily. This topic in the Social studies syllabus class 10 opens the door to understanding how goods are produced on a large scale, a critical aspect of our modern world. 

Political Science

Political Science Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

11. Power-sharing :

Power Sharing Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

This lesson inquires about how democratic societies distribute and balance power among different individuals, groups, and institutions.

12. Federalism :

Federalism Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

The present chapter covers the intricate systems of governance that distribute authority and decision-making between central and regional or local governments.

13. Political parties:

They are groups with similar ideas about how a country should run. These groups work together to try and get their members elected into government positions, like the lawmakers. In politics, each party has its leaders, policies, and goals for what they want to achieve in the government.

14. Outcomes of Democracy:

Outcomes of Democracy Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

The outcomes of democracy are the positive results that come from a democratic system where people have the power to choose their leaders and influence decision-making. Rights and Freedoms, Fair Elections, Accountability of Leaders.

15. Gender, Religion, and Caste:

Gender , Religion and Caste Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

In the Social studies syllabus for class 10, the topics of Gender, Religion, and Caste are explored to understand their significant impact on society. Students know about the dynamics of gender roles, the role of religion have in shaping the cultures and communities, and the influence of caste systems on social hierarchies. This curriculum encourages critical thinking and a deeper understanding of these vital aspects of human civilization.


Economics Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings vivek sehgal aol

16. Development

Development Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

This lesson covers the complex issues surrounding economic growth, disparities, and the challenges different nations face in their pursuit of development.

17. Sectors of the Indian Economy:

Sectors of Indian Economy Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

This economics section teaches the three main sectors of economic activity that contribute to India’s GDP and employment. The 3 sectors are Primary (agriculture), Secondary (industry), and Tertiary (services)

20. Money and Credit:

Money and Credit Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings

This introduces the concepts of money, banking, and credit that play a pivotal role in modern economies.

18. Globalization and the Indian Economy:

Globalization and the Indian Economy Social studies syllabus class 10 Art of Learnings AOL SST Rohini

It explores how India is interconnected with the world through trade, technology, and culture. Students get to learn about the impact of globalization on India’s economy, including opportunities for and challenges. It also highlights the importance of balancing global integration with protecting national interests.

TOP TIPS FROM ART OF LEARNINGS, Best SST Coaching in Delhi Class 10 

Top Tips from Art of Learnings Best Social Studies coaching in Delhi Vivek sir Ashok vihar Rohini
  1. Don’t just Learn; instead, Understand the story & concept.
  2. Make learning easy by making pointers 
  3. Use Flow charts for paper presentation
  4. Use Examples

As students step into the crucial stage of their academic journey, Class 10 marks a significant milestone. AOL Coaching Center helps you in this journey as a guiding light to academic success. The uplifting atmosphere at Art of Learning fosters a sense of encouragement among students, inspiring them to surpass their limits and strive for their highest achievements. 

Vivek sir is an expert in their field and passionate about nurturing young minds. Over 25 years of teaching experience, he has developed Unique mind-mapping techniques to make Understanding Concepts & learning theory easy for students.

The SST Course for class 10 is designed to cover topics in an order that is interesting for students to learn. It creates curiosity & interest in the subject.

One should join the Art of Learning to learn and experience a smooth path towards success and to score perfect scores in SST board exams. Subjects Taught at AOL

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Q- Is it Possible to Score 100 in SST ?

A- Yes , scoring 100 is possible in Class 10 . You have to understand the concepts & related stories . Consistency in your efforts matters the most . Make sure you include keywords in your answers . At AOL , students are able to understand & learn Concepts in Class itself using Brain Mapping Technique .

Q- What are the Subjects taught at ART OF LEARNINGS ?

A- ART OF LEARNINGS is an expert coaching institute for Class 9 & 10 – Social Studies , Class 11, 12 & CUET -Economics & Business Studies

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A- You can fill the registration form on website or call for registration on 9818103936


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